Just moved in your perfect place?

Completed your interior to-do's:

          Get the comfiest couch
          Put the sleekest kitchen table
          Throw in a couple of swanky side tables
          Nicely painted walls
... and your empty walls are starring back at you?

Get some nice wall art!
You will be surprised to hear that many people like you face this problem...
Solution to this is to put on matching wall art.

This could be accomplished with our tool. It will help you select matching art for your wall color and interior.

What images should I look for?

Photography is growing in acceptance among art enthusiasts and decorators alike. We provide original photography at affordable prices.

Shoppers can choose from entire collection of art and frame the image right on this site.

What size and how many pieces should I hang?

First, look at the size of the wall. Is it short, long or very tall? For long wall, consider hanging six or seven 16 by 20s in a row with minimal spacing, like three inches, between them. For shorter walls, consider a montage effect with a couple large and smaller-sized pieces stacked in an irregular fashion. For tall walls, consider a few large pieces - somewhere in the neighborhood of 30 inches by 40 inches. Decorators can add dimension to their walls by adding shelving to house art. Hang art from the wall, prop it on a shelf - get creative!